Festival: The Magic of Christmas

A magical week awaits you at Christmas with Felix, French national magic champion. “A manipulator of all kinds of objects, midway between traditional magic and contemporary circus, Nicolas Plassard, a.k.a. Felix, is a modern-day acrobat. Between traditional magic and circus, without using devices or throwing dust in your eyes, Felix carries a whole load of know-how in his suitcases, transporting the spectator into an imaginary world of magic, juggling, mime and fire.” (Sud Ouest).


Felix will spend the week with us from Sunday 24 to Friday 29 December 2017, and will offer: 4 workshops to learn magic tricks, 1 demonstration of tricks and juggling, 1 magic show, balloon sculptures and 1 fire show. Free access.


For more information about Felix: http://www.lemondedefelix.fr/




Sunday, 24 December 2017

Demonstration of magic tricks and distribution of sculpted balloons at the first welcome drink, as well as the arrival of Santa Claus! At 18.00, Church Square.


Monday 25, Tuesday 26, Thursday 28 and Friday 29 December: workshops to learn magic tricks starting at 14.30 (1h.30 duration, limited to number of available places). Maison de la Montagne.


Wednesday 27 December 2017
As of 14.00, afternoon on the slopes with distribution of sculpted balloons at the foot of the pistes.


20.30 : Magic Show. An hour-and-a-half show combining circus and magic. Belambra L’Alisier Hall.


In his new show, Felix transports us into his amazing world, where magic meets the circus, with many colorful and very visual numbers. On stage, the objects become alive: they multiply, light up, dance, fly away or disappear in the course of a show where Felix captivates his audience and encourages them participate!


Several of his original numbers have been recognized internationally and awarded prizes. Without using devices or throwing dust in your eyes, Felix offers a show which will carry you off into a world that only your imagination can limit. Magic, juggling, mime … And time stands still to let you contemplate this universe through the eyes of your childhood. A crazy and poetic cabaret, midway between traditional magic and contemporary circus. It’s very visual magic, direct and fun, with the active participation of many volunteers.



Thursday, 28 December 2017

Fire Show: The “Vulcan Epic” at 18.30, following the ski instructors’ torchlight descent, at the foot of the slopes. A  fire show from medieval times. Fire tamer and pyrotechnics, an original and mesmerizing choreography lasting 30 minutes.


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