The 9th edition of the Pratz Medieval Festival


For the Pratz Medieval Festival on the weekend of 12 and 13 August 2017, Praz-sur-Arly transforms itself into a medieval village with knights in armour, acrobats, minstrels and jugglers parading through the streets putting on shows and entertainment for all the family. And if you really want to get into the spirit, you can rent Medieval costumes!


The programme of the 2017 Edition:


Les medievales-2017 verso


Download the programme in PDF format (FR): The 2017 Pratz Medieval programme


What’s new in the 2017 edition:

THE MEDIEVAL BUILDERS with the “Middle Ages to our times” Association

It’s not often that you will find such a big worksite all in one place. We want to take advantage of the opportunity to create a link with our modern-day local builders. Thanks to a great deal of research, Pascal Waringo has been able to recreate life-size hoisting machines and and will be demonstrating how these different machines work. Workshops and initiation activities for children and adults including: framing and scaffolding, squirrel cage, stone carving and sculpture, forestry work, stained-glass windows and iron-forging.


THE CAPITOL GEESE with the “Il était une oie” Company

Fifty geese wandering around in the crowd, all herded by a dog! Nefermaat is a prankster who is not just happy to tell you the story of the Capitol geese, he will make you live it! A true story, in which the public will be able to play the roles of the two opposing camps, the Gauls and the Romans, with the sacred geese in the middle! With the help of two improvised actors chosen amongst the crowd, Nefermaat demonstrates to the public the unsuspected talents of the geese. They have more good qualities than just foie gras!


FALCONRY SHOW WITH HORSES with the Hippogriffe Company

The Hippogriffe Company offers an equestrian falconry show which is original, fun and educational, and can be adapted to your needs. The show includes various raptor birds (buzzards, hawks, eagles, different owls, kites, vultures….) in free flight, with the complicity of horses – Frisians, Lusitanians or Spanish – in a warm and up-close atmosphere. The horses are actors themselves and their interaction with the birds and humans will make you shiver with emotion.


Saturday Evening, 12 August, from 19.00 to 23.00


“The Ambush”, a reconstruction of a hold-up of a money transporter (20 minutes)

Reconstruction of a hold-up of a money transporter, staged by the troops that are present. As he does every month, the Baron of Faucigny has to transfer the funds that the camp needs to live on. But in these troubled times, the roads are not safe and a few mercenaries working for the Genevoix County who have come from faraway lands are determined to take advantage of this monthly transfer of funds.

From 19.30: The Old Goat Tavern will be serving food and lots of drinks. Come and celebrate with the Medieval actors.

The shows:

Grand Concert with the “Gueules de Loup“, acrobats, ax throwing with Gandalf, bombard shooting, fights, dances…

Finale: Art and fire-taming with the “Monde de Félix“.

Fire-tamers and pyrotechnics, an original and mesmerizing choreography.

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