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Rock climbing

Praz sur Arly has a climbing tower in the Belles Leisure Park. It is 7 metres high and is suitable for initiation to rock climbing and training for beginners up to level 6c.

It’s also possible to discover one of the numerous climbing spots in cliffs around the foot of the Mont Blanc, either with or without a guide.

Rock climbing spots:

Rochebrune rock climbing.  Natural rock with many climbing possibilities of different levels from 2 to 7.

The Aravis rock climbing. The Aravis rock climbing is situated between 1,420m and 1,600m on the Aravis Pass road.

Initiation: In the summer, the Tourist Office offers rock climbing initiation in partnership with the Megève Mountain Guides Office.


Accrobranch and Via Ferrata

Accrobranch: Get up into the treetops in the middle of the pines! Discover the accrobranch circuit, a fun activity for all the family. Strong sensations guaranteed!


Via ferrata : The closest via ferrata is about twenty minutes away by car, at the Aravis Pass. But others also await you in the region.

Via ferrata spots:

Via ferrata de Curalla (Passy): The only via ferrata facing the Mont-Blanc range.

Via Ferrata du Roc du Vent (Beaufort): Accessible to most climbers, it winds between outcrops and vertical rock faces, offering unforgettable views of lakes, pastures and the Mont Blanc.

The Roche à l’Agathe Via Ferrata (Thônes): The via ferrata in Thônes is a perfect example of the  French style of via ferrata: close to an inhabited area, very aerial, well equipped and secure. Concentrate, the whole town is watching you! Proper equipment is obligatory.


Discover the unique sensation of a flight from the summits of Praz sur Arly or Megève. Your initiation flight will take you over the foothills of the Mont Blanc and Aravis ranges in magnificent scenery.

Take-off point: Crêt du Midi/Ban Rouge, accessible in summer and winter with the Crêt du Midi chairlift.

Landing point:  Cassioz Plain.



The Pays du Mont-Blanc is a magnificent place for fishing. Mountain lakes, rivers, torrents, line or fly fishing, everything is possible in this activity !

Fishing spots: the Arly, Arve, Javen artificial lake (private)

Initiation: In summer, the Tourist Office organizes fishing workshops for children.

Permits: Fishing permits are on sale at the Tourist Office reception desk.

Buy your permit online:

Haute-Savoie Fishing Federation :


White Water Sports

What better to cool off in the height of the summer than a rafting, canyoning or hydro-speed outing!  Numerous mountain torrents, like the Arve and the Giffre, offer the possibility of discovering these activities very close to Praz sur Arly.

Sportieve activiteiten

Baptême en parapente

Spécialiste du baptême de l'air depuis plus 25 ans. Un rêve accessible...

 06 62 13 27 71


Prestataires d'activités

Baptême en parapente, speed-riding Serge Tuaz

Serge vous propose prendre la direction des airs en parapente, speed-riding...

 06 59 00 19 20

Prestataires d'activités

Bureau des Guides

Idéalement situé au pied du Mont Blanc, le Bureau des Guides de Megève...

 +33 (0)4 50 21 55 11


Sportieve activiteiten

Canoraft - Mini Raft - Kayak Raft - Découverte

Première base de sport d'eau vive et d'activités outdoor du pays du...

 +33 (0)4 50 93 63 63


Sportieve activiteiten

Canyoning de la Belle aux Bois

Glisser dans les toboggans, sauter dans les vasques d'eau claire et...

 +33 (0)4 50 21 55 11


Prestataires d'activités

Cote 2000 Aventure

L'aventure au gré des arbres, sauts de Tarzan, filets, passerelles,...

 06 76 29 71 04


Sportieve activiteiten

Découverte de l'Hydrospeed

Parcours de 6 kms sur la partie la plus sportive de la rivière. Equipé...

 +33 (0)4 50 93 63 63


Prestataires d'activités

Les Volatiles

Ecole de parapente (vols biplace, initiation, perfectionnement...).

 +33 (0)4 79 38 95 54




Osez l'expérience et venez vous éclater en pleine nature, des sensations...

 06 09 81 31 17


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