Discover our mascot "Draz"

How was Draz born?

Draz is a friendly dragon dreamt up by the people of Praz using the contraction of the word dragon and Praz.

Draz is the main character in our comic book  “Le secret de la Pierre des Ceutrons”  (The secret of the Ceutrons’ stone), the second volume of The Adventures of Louis and Quentin.

The comic book is inspired by the founding legend of the prestigious commune of Megève. The legend has it that in the Middle Ages a dragon was terrifying the inhabitants of the Upper Val d’Arly. Nobody wanted to live there any more and the place was deserted until the arrival of two men who had a brilliant idea about how to kill the beast. Their names were Grosset and Muffat, two well-known names in Megève.
Le secret de la Pierre des Ceutrons tells the tale of the return of the dragon and refers to the original legend, as well as other details of the history of our region.

Where will you find him?

Draz lives in a grotto near the Crêt du Midi.

In the Tourist Office, Draz sits in the Family corner and you can meet him there any day the Tourist Office is open. Once a week during the school holidays, Draz wanders around the village and offers afternoon snacks to the children!

In the Pralinous day care centre, baby Draz figures on the welcome panel.

Draz bébé

Draz welcomes skiers to his house on the parking lot at the foot of the ski slopes! Fun pictures decorate the place, which is open to everyone for picnics and for skiers and non-skiers to rest in the winter (groups and individuals). This is Draz’s den!

The Tirecorde Dragon Castle. A fun play area with foam mattresses is set up at the foot of the ski slopes in winter and in the Belles Leisure Park in summer. The play area is suitable for children as of 10 months. This is Draz’s medieval castle….


What does Draz do?

Draz loves to try out all the possible mountain activities and tell the children about them: first of all there’s skiing. He was the first dragon to learn to ski in the children’s Snow Garden in the Praz sur Arly Ski School!


Then there’s hiking, which Draz just loves! He knows all 15 hiking trails by heart! He already has the three hiking stars corresponding to the 3 hikes he has completed: the Epines Blanches, the Evettes Lake and the Ban Rouge.


What does Draz eat?

In Draz’s den (the picnic hut on the Varins parking lot at the foot of the slopes), there’s a shelf where you’ll find all of Draz’s favourite food, like  thistle flakes, pepper jam and sulphur sweeties!!!

Happy holidays with Draz!

Praz le repaire de Draz


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