“PETITS ASTICOTS” FESTIVAL – “Ce matin-LÀ” Show – Friday 27 October in Praz sur Arly

Hoist the sails…

The “Petits Asticots” are thinking big again this year, from 21 to 27 October! Theatre, circus, music, puppetry… We’re giving children and the whole family a real window on the world and the performing arts, with shows and artists from all over the world.

We’ll be riding the ocean waves aboard the Pen Duick, landing on the ice floes in the land of the Inuits and polar bears, and returning to the mountains not far from here with musical tales from the Alps… While the show is about travel and the great outdoors, the artists also tackle themes from a child’s point of view: relationships, speaking out, home and hearth (after the trip!). All, of course, with great tenderness, sensitivity and humour.


“Ce matin-LÀ” Show – FRIDAY 27 OCTOBER 2023 AT 9.30, 11.00 AND 16.00

Chouette il pleut! Company

“Ce matin-LÀ” is a journey of self-discovery and discovery. A joyful mix of curiosity, surprise and courage set against a backdrop of paper, paint and Vivaldi. When our little character wakes up that morning, it’s not going to be his usual routine, where everything is clean, smooth and tidy… No, this morning it’s a series of disasters where everything gets creased, torn and stained. At first, this shattered routine seems worrying, but as he overcomes his fears, he opens up to the world and discovers an explosion of possibilities! A fabulous journey, full of stains, colours, folds, noises, creases and music.


Age: From 1 year
Duration:  35 mins
Cost: 5 €

Tickets: http://www.les-petits-asticots.com/programme/

54 Route du Val d'Arly, 74120 Praz-sur-Arly, Haute-Savoie, France
Open every day from 9.00 am to 12.00 am and 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm